A list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to UK NEQAS IIA and Immunology, Immunochemistry and Allergy.



Q - How do I request a repeat sample?

A - You will need to complete send a request via our Contact Us page - choose the Sample Information & Repeat Samples option


Q - When I try to view my current report, a report from a previous Distribution appears instead, what should I do?

A - You need to refresh your internet browser (2 green arrows at the side of the web address) to ensure the current report appears


Q - An error about valid combinations keeps popping up when I try to save my results, what do I do?

A - You need to click on the green question mark next to the analyte box. Select the method / manufacturer / unit as listed. If your options are not available select 'other' option and submit information in the text box (marked as a grey box with 3 dots). If the error persists email ukneqas@immqas.org.uk with your laboratory number, the Scheme and Distribution, where the error is occurring and the error message


Q - When should the correction factor for the NBA be used?

A - The correction factor for the NBA should only be used when the NBA is >0.007AU and when oxyhaemoglobin is present but there is no visible peak and where the serum bilirubin is >20umol/L and the CSF protein is <1.0g/L. If the CSF protein is >1.0g/L it is not appropriate to use the correction factor as the correction formulae has not been validated in the population



Q - What do I do if I have accidently clicked 'complete' before entering all my results?

A - You need to email ukneqas@immqas.org.uk stating that the Complete button was selected in error. You will also need to state your laboratory number, Scheme, Distribution and the results that you would like to enter


Q - I'm having problems accessing this years Distribution Schedule

A - Try updating your browser to Edge instead of Internet Explorer, or use an alternative Internet Browser such as Mozilla or Firefox. If you are having difficulties viewing PDF documents then try updating your version of Adobe Acrobat